Mi Bunny Robot Builder

Rs. 14,999


  • Type: Block Robot
  • Dimensions: 380×320×90 mm
  • Material: hypoallergenic polycarbonate
  • Number of parts: 978
  • SoC CPU: STM32, 72 MHz, 32-bit
  • Flash memory: 32MB (Extended storage is not supported)
  • Connection: Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless support (connection sensor)
  • Wi-Fi supports Type-C extension
  • Power supply: 1700 mAh lithium battery
  • Charging adapter: 12V / 5 V
  • Motor type: Servomotor
  • Sensor: Gyro sensor, Support Interface expansion, Support Wireless expansion, Infrared sensor can be connected (not included), Ultrasonic sensors can be connected (not included), Color sensor can be connected  (not included) , Programmable RGB lights.
  • Software: Mobile remote control support, Voice recognition support, planning path support, Gravity sensing, Programming control support, Mobile programming support.

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